Borders! What are really borders? My son (10) then had once asked me: what if there are no borders in the whole world, Mom? And don’t you think that those seas and oceans are the only natural borders among continents! I thought, yes, they are. And breaking the unnatural is not impossible.

As a graduate of English literature -bachelor and diploma, I totally advocate mutual understanding in cultural dimensions. Today also as a Syrian refugee living in the West since July 2015 in Germany, I find myself involved in lots of issues: „integration“, „refugee crisis“ and many other terminologies which are apparently arousing problematic misunderstanding or mistrustful relationship among us.

In 2017 I decided to return to the academia and complete my Master studies in the Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media at Goethe University in Frankfurt with the intention of widening my perspective of cultural dialogue not to mention of enjoying the space of free-thinking and the open chances of self-investment. Until my graduation in December 2019 Villigst Studienwerk e.V took my hand allowing me to get a successful Master degree. Many thanks to their foundation http://www.evstudienwerk.de for a grant of full-time scholarship that made me follow up my passion and keep inspiring my two children.

In 2020 I started my PhD studies at Goethe University in the department of New Anglophone Literatures and Cultures. See my profile as a doctoral researcher: Nelk/Nuha Askar

Texts and publications:

Several of my Texts have been published in newspapers – Wetterauer Zeitung and Butzbacher Zeitung. I espouse my writings with open-discussion presentations to address both Germans and refugees, and ultimately to melt the borders between us, to bridge the „gap“, to say that humans are in many ways belong to each other. So, I took part in share-your-story events  and still workshops are ahead because I believe that we also need to be so courageous to face our fears and to express ourselves, aspirations or worries.

One of the most significant stations in my journey of ‚writing‘ is when I was awarded the Nesteby Prize for Excellence in the study of American literature. I was a 3rd-year student and was cordially welcomed and celebrated by the American Ambassador in Syria at that time, Ryan C. Crocker.

In June 2015, in my article which was nominated as one of the top-ten best entries in Worldmerit.org competition, I addressed a letter to President Obama: „Dear Mr. Obama, while your country is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech ‚ I have a dream‘, my country –Syria is living a very bad dream! What makes Dr. King so impressive is not that he fought for Americans alone, but that he struggled for the whole world. The ‚dream‘ is the ‚vision‘ of equality between races, ethnicities, colours. We Syrians have such eagerness to ‚dream’…..“Crossing the Borders

Here, in this Blog, I share with you my thoughts and apprehensions, hoping to receive your opinions, discussion, or critical views.

Best Regards,

Nuha Askar