Borders, don’t Exist!

A year ago I came up with a conclusion: real borders don’t exist! It’s a psychological political illusion! A trick to stop us from moving ahead and be ourselves. Today, I wonder how true this point of view is! What other things can restrain our „dreams“ or a better more realistic word, our „wills“!

Let’s make it more practical: a 5 minutes experiment. Let’s all close our eyes and imagine ourselves jammed in a small spot with 40 people too, I suddenly realize that I should bear a strange person being stuck into my *ss, the cry and pee of children, the stormy cries inside myself and all the salty noise, the sweat smell, all suffocate me. What’s strange is that I can hear others‘ heartbeats, 41 souls seeking survival or at least a glimpse from heaven soothing their turmoil entities.

No, never open your eyes yet, we are ashore, but be patient before you sigh  your relief, before you announce a victory over the global negative powers that you had challenged, before you end up your thank prayers and blow off your thousand candles lit to God. Make your decision: Go back! Or move on! Wait and starve to death until I tell you what to do! So, rejoice not, when you realize yourself as a Don Quixote fighting the windmills of ignorance, negligence, and impotence.

Open your eyes, exhale now, thank God, or your God of chances that you can in a blink end your agony. And the next day you can demonstrate in the streets saying „welcome refugees“ as repentance to a mistake you have never committed!

Do borders exist? Of course, not. When we think of the „others“ as humans, not as a means to score more goals in a never-ending football match! When we try to dig into the problem roots instead of finding short-term sedative alternative  , when we consider others as partners to find the solution not only to judge them as part of our „crisis“, when we ask them seriously and simply: what are your hopes or desires, or simpler: what do you think…?


In Germany, I have discovered the meaning of equality, the possibility to make dreams true, the sense of dignity, the non-stop beat of life.    I owe you a word of truth: a deep honest ‚Thank You‘, then a hope to listen to us.

Nuha Askar

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